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September 2013
CRM Product News is published to create awareness of current product performance topics and to highlight new information included in the quarterly CRM Product Performance Report (PPR). Topical summaries and links to comprehensive source information are listed below.

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Low voltage capacitor 2013 - Important Medical Device Information, August 2013

Boston Scientific has determined that a low voltage capacitor in a subset of older COGNIS and TELIGEN devices is more susceptible to diminished electrical performance which may lead to premature battery depletion. However, a set of self-diagnostic tools referred to as "Safety Architecture" has proven effective at detecting this condition and alerting healthcare professionals before therapy is unavailable. Boston Scientific recommends:

  • Normal patient follow-up, as described in device labeling
  • Instruct patients to call their physician if their device beeps )
  • Investigate all Safety Architecture alerts and call Technical Services
  • LATITUDE remote monitoring can be used to convey Safety Architecture alerts between clinic visits
  • Select this link for additional information about Low voltage capacitors and Safety Architecture.

    New Educational Materials

    A Closer Look articles provide educational/training information focused on the function of Boston Scientific CRM products and features as described in our product labeling.

    The following A Closer Look article has recently been revised and published:

  • Information for the Traveling Pacemaker or Defibrillator Patient. (Category: Miscellaneous)
  • LATITUDE NXT Alerts. (Category: LATITUDE)
  • Electrocautery Mode in BSC Defibrillators and Pacemakers. (Category: How to...)
  • Programming a CRT Device When a Left Ventricular Lead is Not Used. (Category: Implant/Explant Procedures)
  • Portable Multimedia Players and Implantable Pacemakers and Defibrillators (Category: EMI)
  • These publications are accessible on:


  • Published September 16, 2013

    CRM-185802-AA September 2013